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Who I am

Passionate Learning Designer

I believe education transforms lives.

Well-designed learning experiences inspire and empower individuals to achieve their full potential.

Ruslan Karimov Instructional Designer
Instructional Design MicroMasters Credentials

My Journey

A Blend of Expertise

My journey in instructional design blends corporate insights, global perspectives, and a strong academic foundation. Working with industry leaders like IKEA, Nestlé, and Coca-Cola, and running a language school in China, I’ve developed a deep understanding of learners’ diverse needs and organizational challenges.


I hold a Master’s degree in English Language and Literature, which provides a solid foundation in communication and information connection. Completing the MicroMasters Program in Instructional Design and Technology from the University of Maryland has solidified my knowledge of learning theory and instructional strategies.

Core Values I'm Guided By

work with respect value
Be bold and move fast value
Educate the world to be a better place value
Put your learner at the heart of everything value
Challenge ourselves to grow value
Build trust with transparency value

My Approach

Learner-Centered Design for Results

I create data-driven, engaging, and effective e-learning experiences.


By prioritizing user experience and applying proven instructional strategies, I design solutions that engage, foster deep understanding, and deliver measurable results.

Learner-Centered Design for Results

My Instructional Design Process

See My Work in Action

Discover how I can transform your training.

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