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A Duolingo-Inspired
Grammar Challenge

The Question Builder Activity is an educational tool designed to improve language proficiency. It helps learners construct sentences by selecting words in the correct order, which enhances their understanding of grammar and language structure. 

  1. Conceptualization: The idea was to create an interactive game that goes beyond traditional drag-and-drop activities and makes learning more engaging. This concept was inspired by Duolingo's interactive and user-friendly design.

  2. Designing the Game Mechanics: I designed the game's interface using Articulate Storyline, with clickable buttons representing different words. Learners construct sentences by clicking these buttons in the correct grammatical order.

  3. Variable and Logic Implementation: I set up variables to store both correct and incorrect sentence components. The game logic was designed to track the order of word selection and populate corresponding boxes with each click, providing immediate visual feedback to learners.

  4. Incorporating Interactivity: To enhance user engagement, I added features like a reset button to clear current selections and a mechanism to hide buttons after selection, mimicking a real-life sentence construction process.

  5. Adding Content: To easily add more content and customize the tool, I used JavaScript.

  6. Randomization and Replayability: To ensure a dynamic learning experience, I implemented a system where the game randomly selects sentences from a pool, increasing the replay value and ensuring varied learning experiences.

  7. Polishing and Finalizing: The final step involved refining the user interface and experience, ensuring the game was not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and intuitive for learners.

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