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Overcome the fear of sharing your designs

This self-paced lesson aims to help designers overcome their fear of sharing work. It includes a guided roadmap and short interview podcasts featuring designers who conquered their anxieties and reaped the rewards.

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How the idea came to my mind

As a designer, have you ever felt that heart-pounding hesitation before hitting "publish" on your portfolio? That nagging fear of judgment, the worry that your work isn't "good enough"? If so, you're not alone. I've been there, and so have countless other designers. That's why I decided to create "Overcome the Fear of Sharing Your Designs" – an e-learning experience designed to tackle this common yet paralyzing challenge head-on.


My goal was to reach fellow designers, both those starting their careers and seasoned professionals who might still struggle with self-doubt. I wanted to create a space where they could hear from others who had been in their shoes and who had learned to embrace vulnerability and reap the rewards of sharing their creativity.

Learning Design Model

To guide the design of this project, I turned to Gagne's Nine Events of Instruction, a classic learning model that emphasizes gaining attention, providing guidance, and encouraging retention and transfer. I began by creating a relatable scenario that hooked learners in – a young designer, Maya, grappling with the fear of sharing her work. This immediately established a connection with the audience and set the stage for a journey of self-discovery.

My Process

To bring this project to life, I first mapped out clear learning objectives and a structured plan for the learning journey. The goal was to guide designers from apprehension to action.


Next, I turned to Canva to create eye-catching visual mock-ups that would set the tone for the experience. I wanted the design to feel inviting, supportive, and even a little playful.


With the visual direction set, I produced a series of video interviews using Animaker Studio. I reached out to experienced designers who had successfully overcome their fear of sharing and asked them to share their insights and advice.


Then, the real magic began. I used Articulate Storyline to assemble the entire project, incorporating the interviews, visual mock-ups, and interactive elements. I also added a section where learners could explore different platforms for showcasing their work, providing them with practical resources to get started.


Finally, before launching the project to the world, I conducted user testing with my target audience. This feedback was invaluable for refining the content and ensuring that it resonated with designers facing the same challenges I once did.

Results & Takeaways

The results have been incredibly rewarding. Learners have shared how the project resonated with them, sparking conversations about overcoming fear and the importance of vulnerability in the creative process. Many have taken the leap and shared their work for the first time, reporting increased confidence and even new career opportunities.


I'm excited to see how this project continues to evolve and empower designers to embrace the power of sharing their work. Remember, design is not just about creating beautiful things; it's about connecting with others and making a meaningful impact.

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