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What's Your Flavor? Personality Quiz

Sometimes, e-learning can be a bit dull. I wanted to bring some humor and self-discovery into the mix. Here is a personality quiz created in Articulate Storyline, designed with a carefully crafted learner's journey structure.

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How the idea came to my mind

Let's face it: sometimes, e-learning can feel a bit... dry. I wanted to inject some humor and self-discovery into the mix!  The inspiration struck: What if you could learn about your tendencies through a series of seemingly random lifestyle questions? And thus, the "What's Your Flavor?" personality quiz was born.

Structuring questions and results logic

The key was to make it both entertaining and subtly insightful. Here's how I did it:

  • Personality Types: I brainstormed quirky types like "Spontaneous Explorer" or "Culinary Enthusiast."

  • Quirky Questions:  Instead of serious evaluation, I focused on fun, everyday choices (messy vs. clean kitchen, anyone?)

  • Hidden Point System:  Behind the scenes, each answer choice added points to specific personality variables.

  • Results Calculation: Simple triggers in Storyline tallied which "flavor" had the highest score.

Creating variables and triggers in Articulate Storyline

It's time to make the magic happen!  Here's the Storyline breakdown:

  1. Variables: One for each personality (e.g., ExplorerScore)

  2. Question Slide Triggers:  Adjust variables based on answers.

  3. Results Slide Triggers: Conditional triggers compared scores to display the right description.

variables and triggers in Articulate Storyline

How this quiz can be used in e-learning

Personality quizzes like this are more than just fun. Here's how they can add value:

  • Icebreakers: Great for training sessions, getting people engaged lightheartedly.

  • Self-Awareness:  Even silly results can spark reflection on work styles or preferences.

  • Adapting Content:  Imagine branching content paths based on personality results!

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